What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About In-Ground Pools

Most homeowners who want to have a permanent swimming pool installed prefer in-ground pools, of which there are only three options. Here is an overview of the options. Fibreglass Pools These are made using a single shell made from a mould. Once you have chosen the depth and shape of the shell, the pool company's construction crew will dig the hole, lay the plumbing and put in your pool. Fibreglass pools are low maintenance since the nonporous gel coat surface of the fibreglass inhibits algae growth, thereby reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed for the pool. [Read More]

Tips on Reducing Pool Maintenance Costs

Making the decision of hiring a pool service for your pool repair and maintenance needs is one of the best decisions you can make as a swimming pool owner. Hiring a good pool service is essential in saving you money for pool repairs in the long run and also saves you time and energy that you could otherwise spend cleaning the pool. However, pool service does not mean that you relax as far as taking measures on cost management is concerned. [Read More]

Essential Swimming Pool Equipment

Owning and maintaining a pool requires financial investment, time and pieces of important equipment that will ensure your pool works efficiently and allows you to enjoy more in it. There are two categories of pool equipment; those that the pool needs in order to remain in top working condition, and equipment which may not be as essential but make your pool more enjoyable and less costly to operate and maintain. By understanding the various types of pool equipment, you are able to determine which are essential for your pool and which ones are not. [Read More]

Understanding The Functions And Importance Of Your Pool Pump

A pump is one of the integral parts of a pool's support equipment. It consists of a motor that helps ensure water is circulated around the pool continuously. However, have you ever wondered why your swimming pool needs a pump in the first place? Below, learn why a pool pump is such as essential part of your swimming pool. Helps to keep the water aerated By circulating the water around, a pool pump from a place like Shenton Pumps ensures that the water gets maximum opportunity to mix freely with air. [Read More]