Tips on Reducing Pool Maintenance Costs

Making the decision of hiring a pool service for your pool repair and maintenance needs is one of the best decisions you can make as a swimming pool owner. Hiring a good pool service is essential in saving you money for pool repairs in the long run and also saves you time and energy that you could otherwise spend cleaning the pool. However, pool service does not mean that you relax as far as taking measures on cost management is concerned.

The following are some of the tips that can help reduce energy and maintenance costs even with a pool maintenance company at your service.

Installation of proper equipment

While installation of pool equipment may seem expensive at the beginning, the right equipment can cut down on maintenance and energy costs in the long run. High quality equipment from reliable manufacturers will eliminate the need for regular repairs that could be costly. It is also worth your while to install a pool with an in-ground cleaning and circulation system that ensures the bottom of the pool is constantly clean without having your pool service putting in a lot of effort. This saves greatly on labor costs.

Regular cleaning

Carrying out minor regular cleaning during the week before your pool service comes is important in reducing the overall maintenance costs in the long run. Simple practices such as skimming debris out of your pool daily using a leaf net or hand skimmer will keep debris away from the filter. Keeping the filter clean will prevent a whole lot of problems that could lead to huge repair costs. If you have trees or bushes around your pool, you can have them regularly pruned and the area cleaned to prevent entry of leaves and debris into the pool. You can have your caretaker do this cleaning if you are not available to do it daily.

Keeping the pool at the right temperature

Maintaining the pool at the right temperature can save greatly on energy costs. There is energy saving equipment such as pool covers that save on pool heating costs by ensuring that you do not have to blow out electricity bills just to heat up your pool during the cold season. In addition to regulating temperature, pool covers reduce water costs by preventing evaporation during the hot season. It is also important to turn down your pool when it is not in use to reduce energy costs.

Cost reduction practices should be carried out consistently to ensure that you are able to achieve the goal of saving on costs in the long run. This will ensure that even though you hire a pool service, you are able to save on maintenance costs.