What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About In-Ground Pools

Most homeowners who want to have a permanent swimming pool installed prefer in-ground pools, of which there are only three options. Here is an overview of the options.

Fibreglass Pools

These are made using a single shell made from a mould. Once you have chosen the depth and shape of the shell, the pool company's construction crew will dig the hole, lay the plumbing and put in your pool.

Fibreglass pools are low maintenance since the nonporous gel coat surface of the fibreglass inhibits algae growth, thereby reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed for the pool. Further, since the shells are made offsite, the pools can be installed within a few days, making the entire process relatively quick.

However, while you can choose the shape of the shell, your choices are limited to the shapes that the manufacturer can make, so you can't really make custom designer pools from fibreglass. In addition, since the pools are transported by road, there is a legal limitation on how wide they can be based on state laws.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools come with a steel wall or polymer wall lined with a thick vinyl liner on a bed of sand or concrete. The purpose of the liner is to prevent algae growth, much like the fibreglass does. Advancements in vinyl have allowed for variety when it comes to shapes and designs of a swimming pool. For instance, you could have patterns on the floors and walls of the pool, topped off with a bold border design at the waterline. Further, you can easily have the vinyl liner changed if you want to create a different look.

However, vinyl pools are delicate when compared with other pools such. Kids roughhousing in the pool, harsh pool chemicals or too much sunlight could easily cause damage the vinyl liner. In addition, the pools only last up to 15 years, even with proper care. You may also be required to replace the pool if it is more than 4 years old should you want to sell your home.

Concrete Pools

These allow you the greatest creative freedom of all the other pools, which is why they are preferred when making custom designer pools. The only limitation here is your natural setting and the property's architectural style. The pool can be as big as you want and have features built in to bring your property's landscape to life. You also have a choice in the colour of the plaster and they add to the value of your home.

However, you will need to have renovations done every 10-20 years along with more frequent regular maintenance measures and more chemical use to remove algae from the porous plaster surface. They also take a long time to install, which could be longer for more complex designs, and they are the most expensive kind of pool to have installed.