Essential Swimming Pool Equipment

Owning and maintaining a pool requires financial investment, time and pieces of important equipment that will ensure your pool works efficiently and allows you to enjoy more in it. There are two categories of pool equipment; those that the pool needs in order to remain in top working condition, and equipment which may not be as essential but make your pool more enjoyable and less costly to operate and maintain. By understanding the various types of pool equipment, you are able to determine which are essential for your pool and which ones are not. Some of the common swimming pool equipment include the following.

Pool pump and filter

The pool pump and filter are the most costly equipment other than the pool itself. They are the control system of the entire pool. The pump in a pool is used to power the pool's circulation system as well as bring the water to the filter for cleaning. The filter is used to filter out debris, dirt and fine particles from the pool water, keeping the water clean at all times. Without a pump and filter, the pool's water would be constantly dirty, cloudy and a possible breeding ground for bacteria.

Pool cleaners

There are two types of pool cleaners; manual cleaners and automatic cleaners. Manual cleaners include a combination of skimmers, brushes, poles and other cleaning and maintenance equipment. Manual cleaning requires human labor to constantly clean out the debris filtered by the pool filter. Automatic cleaners are powered pool vacuums that clean debris and other forms of dirt from the pool and the pool water automatically without the use of human labor. Automatic pool cleaners are time, cost and energy saving while ensuring that your pool is clean at all times even without the pool care taker around.

Pool heaters and heat pumps

Pool heaters allow you to use your swimming pool all year round even during the night and cold seasons. Pool heaters and heat pumps can be considered essential or optional depending on your preference and the climate of your area. The different sources of heat energy used in heaters and heat pumps include natural gas, electric energy and solar panels. Pool heaters can be turned on and off, allowing you to heat the pool water at your convenient time. They are an efficient way to increase your swimming season and maximise the performance of your pool.

Protective pool covers

In most areas, most of the heat that the pool gains during the day is lost at night, making the water cold. Pool covers are used to trap and insulate heat from the sun, minimizing cooling by evaporation. They also minimize evaporation of chemicals such as salt, chlorine and sanitisers, saving on the cost of constantly adding these chemicals to the pool water. Pool covers also prevent accidental submersion of pets and children.

Other minor pool equipment are timers that are used to regulate and control the running of other pool equipment by turning them on and off as and when desired. This saves on costs of energy as the pool equipment run only when in use.

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