Understanding The Functions And Importance Of Your Pool Pump

A pump is one of the integral parts of a pool's support equipment. It consists of a motor that helps ensure water is circulated around the pool continuously. However, have you ever wondered why your swimming pool needs a pump in the first place? Below, learn why a pool pump is such as essential part of your swimming pool.

Helps to keep the water aerated

By circulating the water around, a pool pump from a place like Shenton Pumps ensures that the water gets maximum opportunity to mix freely with air. This helps to keep your pool water fully aerated all the time. Aeration ensures that your water remains fresh and safe for your indulgence. It also prevents unsafe microorganisms that dwell in absence of air from thriving in the water.

Prevents water stagnation

The continuous movement of water in itself is also of importance too. It keeps the pool water from stagnating. Such stagnation would make the water a healthy habitat for the dwelling of pests such as mosquitoes. Algae and mold would also thrive if the pool if the water was still. Thankfully, the pump maintains a constant water current, ensuring this does not happen.

Filters the water to remove impurities

Thirdly, the pump contains a filter through which all the water passes through continuously. The filter traps coarse and fine dirt such as debris, leaves and other small particles. This helps to clean your pool and keep the water clean and inviting all the time. The filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the pool water is constantly being filtered.

Facilitates proper chlorination

The pool infrastructure also contains a chlorinator. The chlorinator releases small amounts of chlorine into the pool water round the clock. The chlorine helps to disinfect the water and make it safe for use. However, without the pump, the chlorine would not mix adequately with the pool water, making your swimming pool unsafe to use.

Helps ensure proper pool heating

Last but not least, the pump also helps with heating, where pool heating is provided, that is. The pool pump ensures that the pool water is constantly circulating and passing through the heat pump. Just as with the chlorinator, the pump ensures the heating process is efficient and that the water is heated evenly all the time.

Once installed, the pump should be serviced regularly to ensure that your pool enjoys all the important benefits mentioned above. This entails cleaning the filters, checking for overheating, and inspecting the pipe joints to ensure there are no leaks.