Understanding The Functions And Importance Of Your Pool Pump

A pump is one of the integral parts of a pool's support equipment. It consists of a motor that helps ensure water is circulated around the pool continuously. However, have you ever wondered why your swimming pool needs a pump in the first place? Below, learn why a pool pump is such as essential part of your swimming pool. Helps to keep the water aerated By circulating the water around, a pool pump from a place like Shenton Pumps ensures that the water gets maximum opportunity to mix freely with air. [Read More]

What to Consider When Upgrading Your Swimming Pool

It probably wasn't easy for you to decide to renovate your swimming pool, but once you go through with the renovation project, you'll be happy you did. Many homeowners decide to transform their old, rusty pools into luxury ones that feature many amenities with little to no effort. Those people who don't want to go through the trouble of renovating their classic pool simply do so because they aren't informed about the many possibilities that exist in terms of pool renovation projects. [Read More]