6 Tips to Help Protect the Liner of Your Hot Tub

Does your hot tub have a vinyl liner? That can be comfortable to lean against, and it's a lot nicer than rough concrete walls. Unfortunately, however, vinyl liners can rip. Check out these tips if you want to protect your vinyl liner.

1. Keep Your Hot Tub Covered

To prevent dogs with sharp claws from diving into your hot tub and to prevent potentially sharp debris from blowing into it, you should invest in a hot tub cover. Make sure to keep this on your hot tub whenever it's not in use.

2. Clean Off the Cover Before Removing

If you plan to use your hot tub, take some time to sweep off the cover before you remove it. For example, if there are sticks on top of the cover or even a fork (if you have children, you know they can leave odd items in strange places), that could fall into the hot tub as you remove the cover.

3. Don't Let Children Play in the Hot Tub With Sharp Objects

In most cases, children aren't going to be bringing knives into a hot tub, but you should monitor which toys you let them bring in. You may want to stick with soft, rubber bath toys. Even something as seemingly innocuous as an action figure may have sharp bits that are able to pierce through the side of a vinyl liner.

4.  Don't Let Your Hot Tub Freeze

If the water in your hot tub freezes, the expansion could cause damage to the liner. To prevent this, drain the hot tub if the heater is not working. Make sure to check the heater, pump and other elements on a regular basis so that you can avoid this risk.

5. Trim Overhanging Trees

When hot tubs are outside, it allows you to enjoy your backyard, and shade from a tree can be nice. However, if branches from the tree accidentally fall into the hot tub, that could rip the liner. To prevent that risk, keep your trees well trimmed.

6. Fix Rips When They Occur

If you do see a rip in your hot tub's vinyl liner, make plans to repair that as soon as possible through a company like Atlantis Pools. If a rip is ignored, it's more likely to spread and cause other issues. You can buy a kit for small repairs, but you should call a professional for larger rips or loose vinyl that's pulling away from the sides of your hot tub.