What to Consider When Upgrading Your Swimming Pool

It probably wasn't easy for you to decide to renovate your swimming pool, but once you go through with the renovation project, you'll be happy you did. Many homeowners decide to transform their old, rusty pools into luxury ones that feature many amenities with little to no effort. Those people who don't want to go through the trouble of renovating their classic pool simply do so because they aren't informed about the many possibilities that exist in terms of pool renovation projects. With that in mind, here is a list of the best 3 upgrades that you must have in your pool.

A Chlorinator for Salt Water

These salt water chlorinators are the latest in pool servicing techniques. Chlorinators simply remove the need for any liquid or granular chlorine to be used manually by you or a maintenance man, which is a huge boost in terms of convenience. With one of these chlorinators, you won't have to worry about the storage needs or the manual application of chlorine. Whenever your pool needs chlorine, this equipment turns the existing salt into chlorine through a complicated chemical process. Not only will you drastically reduce the hassle of having to monitor chlorine levels yourself, but you will also help prevent itchy eyes; a symptom of having too much chlorine in your pool.

Pool Lights and Coloured LEDs

This is yet another piece of technology that you should have in mind when looking to renovate your pool. Coloured LEDs greatly improve the aesthetics of your pool and give it a more modern look. Pool lights are generally installed on the walls or directly on the floor of the pool, letting the water glow with various colours. These LEDs will greatly enhance the value of the pool, but it will also help you spend more time in the outdoors. Imagine that it is after sundown, and that you are spending your night in a pool that glows with many vibrant colours; doesn't that sound great? By including pool lights in your renovation project, you will ultimately change the way you spend your time.

Stone Coping and Decking

Finally, you should also consider adding coping and decking in natural stone tiles. There is a wide variety of stone types that you can use for the patio, such as bluestone and sandstone, or you could even design one yourself. One thing people enjoy doing is using contrasting materials in order to draw attention to various points across the backyard. As an example, you could use sandstone decking with bluestone coping in order to highlight the outlines of the pool.

For more information about upgrade options for pools, contact a local pool installation and maintenance company.